Flexible Pricing tables

Use the pricing tables shortcode to generate a nice, clean pricing table or any kind of table that you may need for your site. Showcase a detailed list of products or services with these tables.


2-Column Table


[pricetable col1=”Item” col2=”Price”]
[pricetablerow col1=”Feature Item” col2=”$9.99″][/pricetablerow]
[pricetablerow col1=”Another Item” col2=”$19.99″][/pricetablerow]
[pricetablerow col1=”Special Item” col2=”$99.99″][/pricetablerow]


5-Column Table


[pricetable col1=”Item” col2=”Description” col3=”Regular Price” col4=”Discount” col5=”Today’s Price”]
[pricetablerow col1=”Feature Item” col2=”Item One” col3=”$10.00″ col4=”20%” col5=”$8.00″][/pricetablerow]
[pricetablerow col1=”Another Item” col2=”Another Item” col3=”$100.00″ col4=”20%” col5=”$80.00″][/pricetablerow]
[pricetablerow col1=”Special Item” col2=”Item Three” col3=”$20.00″ col4=”20%” col5=”$16.00″][/pricetablerow]
[pricetablerow col1=”Super Item” col2=”Super Item Four” col3=”$200.00″ col4=”50%” col5=”$100.00″][/pricetablerow]
[pricetablerow col1=”Secret Item” col2=”Secret Item” col3=”$10.00″ col4=”20%” col5=”$8.00″][/pricetablerow]